Tuesday 23 August 2011


I won't be posting any photography on my blog for a few weeks.  Some charming and wonderful person (sense the sarcasm!)  entered my my home while we were out and helped themselves to my camera and other important possesions.  I hadn't emptied my camera for a while so I am annoyed that I have lost all my precious photos. It has really shaken up the children but I am not so bothered as we have had this happen quite a few times before and I have become a little imune to it all. 

On a good note my mamma and baby quilt has been accepted as a finalist on Leah Days machine quilting transformation challenge.  It was nice and much needed news after my weekend. 


  1. Hi Catherine, sorry to hear some low-lives have invaded. I hope you get your things back - so very upsetting all round.
    Congratulations on having your quilt accepted - I thought it was a wonderful piece.
    All the best!

  2. Congratulations. I was just admiring your Dorothy Collard quilt this weekend. It's stunning.

  3. Thankyou both very much for your comments.

    Suprisingly the insurance company has already got us some new equipment as my daughter is dyslexic and needs her laptop for her school work. I am very impressed!!!


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