Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Skechbook challenge: 7 days of drawing

Entry for August 10th
Everyday objects: My favourite mug

Entry for August 11th
Everyday objects: Our mantle clock

Entry for August 12th
Everyday objects: Sewing scissors

Entry for August 13th
Everyday objects: Can opener

Entry for August 14th
Everyday objects: Toothpaste and brush

Entry for August 15th
Everyday objects: My daughters clean and clear

Entry for August 16th
Everyday objects: Stapler


  1. Catherine, there is no doubt your sketching is stunning, and has become moreso over the past few months. Each of these is so full of life. Hope winter is not too harsh. xx Dion.

  2. Thanks Dion for your support.

    It's still very cold but the polar blast is starting to ease off. There is still alot of snow on the ground throughout New Zealand and heavy frosts predicted but hopefully the worst is over. I'm sitting at my computer with a heater and fire going, wearing thermals and Jarmies and a scarf. Glad no one can see my delightful fashion sense this morning :)


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