Monday 15 August 2011

quilting-in chilly weather

Our country is in the middle of a polar blast from the Antarctic and boy is it cold!!!.   Auckland has had snow fall (it didn't settle) .  This is exceptionally rare,  the last time this happened was 82 years ago.  Normally snow only falls down in the mountains 4 hours south of us and according to the Met services we're in for more wild weather for the next few days.  The kids are desperate to see snow but unfortunately it went all around us,  as the weather often does as we live in the centre of 3 sets of hills.  They keep running out to see if it is snowing.  We've had a lot of hail and sleet and very heavy rain.

I have taken the time to snuggle down today to draw and quilt in front of the fire and next to a heater.  I am making 3 entries for the Cloth, paper, scissors artisan challenge. 

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 I am making my entries out of paper, paint, Angelina fibres,  wipes,  magazine clippings,  fabric, and fibres.  It has been really fun to work with some new mediums and to create something beautiful and cohesive with them.

Sewing through so many layers and textures is very challenging.  I have found a few things help
  • Use a new needle and change them regularly
  • Use a fine needle so the entry holes are smaller
  • Use the same thread on the top and bottom so if the underneath thread comes up you can't see it.  This can sometimes happen when the foot needs to go over contrasting textures
  • Use a straight needle plate.   A plate you can put on the sewing machine bed that can only take the needle when it is doing a straight stitch. 
  • Experiment with different thicknesses of thread and see what works best.
  • Be careful!! because you can't unpick.  Whatever you sew has to stay there as it leaves holes if you unpick any thing.

When I am finished I will post the pictures of my entries.  I'm nearly finished so it should be in the next day or two.


  1. You've given some good information here. I haven't sewn for several years. My very first employment was in a garment factory and I 'set the sleeves' in jackets and coats, which is basically constructing the jacket. The weather here is finally turning to wonderful.

  2. Thankyou, I'm glad you found it helpful. We are still freezing. It has been the worst snow storm in our country for many years. Earthquake damaged Christchurch are really suffering with a very heavy snowfall. Many houses aren't weather proof and many people have no electricity, sewrage etc. So although it is very cold where I live we are at least protected from the elements. I like winter though so I am enjoying the big freeze (mostly!)


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