Friday 19 August 2011

Taking Individual potraits

Taking an individual portrait is quite a intimate experience.  It is you and the the person you are photographing.  I usually take two types of shots formal and informal.  I am going to show you some formal shots I have taken recently of my daughter at her school ball (prom)

Formal :

*  I usually take photos on a cloudy day or at dawn at dusk as the light is the softest then.  This is perfect for a portrait photograph.

*  The subject can dress informally or formal for a formal pose.  It is entirely up to you both.  In these shots my daughter is in full formal dress.

A full face shot. Your subject doesn't have to be smiling to get a nice photo.

Side on face shot with a nice view of the hair.

This captures my daughters wonderful personality.

A side on shot.  Your subject doesn't have to have their eyes open for nice shot either.

An inside shot.  A nice neutral background doesn't detract the eye form the important person in this shot.  I took this one without a flash.

More of her personality coming through.

A back pose with a full flash.

Try taking a photo with a hobby of the person.  This helps tell a story.

Another photo of her playing her violin

A full shot.  I would have got more full shots and other poses normally but I had a rather reluctant model! 

Try and capture the subjects personality.
Take lots of photos.  The more the better...then you have more to choose from.


  1. Beautiful subject, like the hair and dress, she's talented and animated ! Oh, yes, you took some great photos, too. She's lovely, I know you are extremely proud of her.

  2. That second photo of her playing the violin is gorgeous, I think it is my favorite!


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