Monday 2 April 2012

Kindness Chronicles

What a lovely kind month it has been.  The kindness overflows at my house some days.  What I have spotted this month


  • My son doing his sisters job because she was stressed
  • My son saying it was O.K. to an adult when he couldn't go over to play because she had double booked herself.
  • My daughter texting her sister to say she missed her
  • My daughter controlling her temper and speaking nicely to me even though the call I made as a mum she didn't like.  She even hugged me
  • My son making his brother's bed
  • My boys did their Saturday jobs without complaining
  • My husband gave me a hug when I was having a bad day

What I've done this month

  • Cared for 2 very sick calves.  I spent time with them touching them and making them as comfortable as possible.  One died the other one is doing well but it was still a pleasure to serve them.
  • We tided and cared for my husbands great grandparents grave. 
  • I sent a pleasant e-mail to someone who hurt me
  • I listened when it wasn't convenient
  • I told 10 women this month they looked beautiful just randomly out at the shopping mall and supermarket. 
  • I didn't wait to be called on the phone I made the calls to them first.
  • I sent thank you notes for service rendered to me this month

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