Wednesday 18 April 2012


I am away in Waihi beach on holiday with my children.  It is the most beautiful beach on the planet. It is a visual symphony of long stretches of white sand, surf and stunning NZ scenery.  Yesterday the children wet swimming and boogie boarding which is almost unheard of at this time of the year.  We have had a very cold summer and warm autumn which has been lovely but unusual.  We all even got a touch of sunburn and I very flatteringly look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
The children spent many hours yesterday making dams and then letting them go.  They were an amazing engineering feet

They used wood wet, dry and half and half sand to build up a dam that could withstand the water build up behind it.

As the water started to rise there was a mad panic to get more sand on the top to stop being a breach in their wall.  Then after the water was deep enough they let it all go.

I think children are the best example in my life of how to be creative and how to play.  They have no inhibition and just seem to create as the play evolves.

What can we learn from children’s creativity? 
·         Forget about time
·         Play till you drop
·         Problem solve as you go
·         Plan as a group
·         Enjoy the moment
·         If you have any challenges with others give them a hug and carry on
·         Use what you have on hand
·         Make friends instantly
·         Stop worrying about who you are and focus on the project at hand
·         Accept others ideas and at your own to make a great plan
·         Laugh
·         Enjoy the finished product for a moment then play again
·         It is the process that is important not the finished product

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