Saturday 7 April 2012

The meaning of easter

I love the Easter season.  It means so much to me to be able to celebrate the life, death and Resurrection of my Lord and redeemer Jesus Christ.  He is so special to me and my friend who has loved me enough to suffer,  die and be resurrected for me.  My heart burns with the testimony I know that her lives.

I also love the special meals as a family,  the Easter egg hunt-always loads of fun especially when I can get cryptic clues so hard the Teens can't figure them out for ages :)  watching the Easter story,  and all the wonderful aromas of Easter. 

My favourite are hot cross buns.  Yummy!  The smell of yeast, fruit and cinnamon brings me back to my child hood when my mun would cook them for me. 

My kids favourites are Resurrection buns.  We make these on Sunday morning to remind us of Jesus being resurrected. Find your favourite bread recipe and make up as normal. (or you can look at the link below)  When you get to the part where you shape into buns pop a marshmallow inside.  Tell the children the marshmallow represents Jesus. Cook following the recipe and when they pop out of the oven the marshmallow will have melted away leaving you with an empty tomb.  Jesus has gone and is risen.  They love them and they have become a solid family tradition at Easter time. 

Happy Easter everyone.  I hope you have a peaceful and beautiful one.  Love Catherine


  1. I like the idea of Resurrection buns; thank you for sharing and Happy Easter.


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