Monday 2 April 2012

What I love when I have the house to myself all day

• The house stays tidy for 6 hours

• It is quiet

• I can re-charge myself for the evening

• I get to do art and quilting!

• I can listen to my own music and no on will complain

• I appreciate my family more

• Space

• To be able to think in sentences

• That I can sit still for longer than 5 minutes

What I love when my family is home

• Laughter

• Secrets and whisperings

• Playing noises

• Hugs and cuddles

• Reading children’s books (I really don’t need an excuse)

• Games

• Helpers

• People who want to tell me about their day

• Love and joy

It is nice to know that different parts of my day can bring me joy in such different ways. 
How do you feel about the different parts in your day?

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