Monday 6 May 2013

Being kind to yourself

Being kind to other is so important but what about ourselves.  I am not meaning in a selfish way but a kind a loving way.  When was the last time we took time to be, to think and to breathe.  Women can be their own worse enemies because they look after others so well and give and give and give but don't stop to look after themselves.  

So my aim this month is to be kinder to myself by....

  1. Taking time to breathe
  2. Having one massage during the month
  3. Taking time each day to connect with my spirit
  4. Getting to bed early 
  5. Loving who I am
  6. Taking time to be rather than doing all the time
  7. Going for a walk
  8. Being creative
  9. Saying no to to many 'extra' things that aren't really important
  10. Resting when I need it
  11. Being true to myself 
  12. Enjoying being me
So how can you be kinder to yourself this month?

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