Saturday 18 May 2013

Photographing quilts

I have been doing a on-line course with quilt university on photographing quilts.  It has been an excellent way to improve my skills in quilt photography.  who would have know how easy it is with just a few simple pieces of equipment to take a really good photograph.

The greatest challenge is getting the colour accurate and to get the quilting to show.  But with 2 lamps set either side of the quilt on brighter than the other a great photo is possible.

These are my best photos.  The next job is editing them


  1. Photographing quilts drives me nutty-bananas. Sounds like a course I should take.

  2. It has been a great course. I would highly recommend it. I have always found it challenging too but it is actually easier than I thought it would be with all the right help and guidance.


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