Monday 13 May 2013

Growing up and moving on

It's been an emotional weekend with one girl off to America and Canada and the other one home to see her sister off and then back down to University.  I feel like I have lost 2 babies this weekend :(  They have both arrived safely all ready for their new adventures in their lives of which I am only a very small part.  I knew this would have to happen one day but it has come around too soon.  (The same thing goes with wrinkles and greys in the hair.....just too soon.)

 Life is just moving on and sometimes I feel with out me being ready and willing for it.  But I guess whether we are ready or not it just carries on happening so the key is to keep up and keep moving on and to enjoy each new chapter my life will bring and to remember everything we do has purpose and meaning.

I loved this quote I found today on

I am grateful for a mother who taught me so much and for my children who make me a mother. I am grateful life keeps on changing and moving and that my influence in my home is so great.  I am grateful that wherever my children are in the world I know I have given them the best start in life I could and that they are reaching for the stars.

I am missing my girls so you both xxxx

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  1. I'm sure you are missing both your girls bunches but it's been so nice to have a chance to spend time with one of them. :) Happy Mother's Day!


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