Tuesday 21 May 2013

Finding inspiration through photography: Part Two

Using parts of a photograph for art design

We often use a whole photo when making a quilt design.  The look of a quilt that looks just like like a photo seems to fascinate people.  Bit we can get very effective designs with just part of photos.

This is the full photo.  It captures the frame work beautifully.

But cropping it in gives a better design and structure.  This would be a better photo to create with.

This photo was taken from a distance

This one closer.  
See how coming in closer eliminates unnecessary extras and focuses on the brick more

And when the above photo is cropped it makes us look more at the shapes and how they interact with each other more than the subject.  This would probably be a great start for a abstract design

Cropping really close even gives more design possibilities.  This shell has amazing possibilities.

See what is in small details of your life and see what can be found for designs.  

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  1. For some years I've loved the work of Katie Pasquini Masopust and her way of looking at photos and landscape is a true inspiration. something magical can happen when you look at the detail patterns, overlay or repeat possibilities.

    Love you photos - they are beautiful


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