Thursday 30 May 2013

sketchbook this week

This week I have been adding ideas to a new series of quilts. 
 I am really excited to start this series.  

If I keep waiting for everyone else to let me create is is not going to happen.  So instead of me waiting till me children are well,  my art studio is finished,  my how is renovated and other work is completed I am just going to do in the bits of time I have.  

Creating just takes management of time like everything else in my life.  

Creating is a magical process.  Step by step a creation can be made.  Just putting a pen to paper is a wonderful beginning.  Then just make a mark.....and another ....

.....and another....until lines form shapes, patterns and form.

With practice those marks make more sense and belonging.

Until a page is formed.

With colour the marks take on energy

Until a new life is created.

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