Monday 15 July 2013

Layered art pages

How to create a layered Art journalling page

I love to use paint on my art pages in my sketchbook.  I love the texture that can be created when using different materials put paint on.  A lot of objects that I use are commonly found at home others are made from cheap materials. 

To make a layered art journal page all you need is
  • ·       Acrylic paint
  • ·       A couple of different sized paint brushes
  • ·       A stencil brush
  • ·       An old ice cream container lid
  • ·       A sharp knife
  • ·       A pen
  • ·       Some snowflakes cut out from an old magazine or scrap paper
  • ·       An eraser stamp
  • ·       Old sequin waste or something that can print some texture onto your page
  • ·       A pencil/pen


1.  Draw the picture onto the plastic ice cream lid with a pencil or permanent marker.  Make sure the shape is complete so it can be cut out.

2.  Cut out the shape with a sharp knife. 

3.  You will be left with a positive and a negative shape.

4. Cut the edge of the ice cream container lid off so the plastic sits flat.

5.  Using the stencil brush go around the shape of the stencil.  then once it is dry add with a paint brush 3 colours of paint next to each other on the colour wheel or different tones of the same colour.  I.E. Yellow, orange, red and white or Bright yellow,  mustard, orange yellow and lemon.  Blend the colours all together.

6.  Blend white through the wet paint.

7.  Still working on the wet paint with a clean paintbrush place the snowflakes you have made on the page and stencil white paint into them.

8.  Try using 2 or more different snowflakes for added texture.  You could try using a darker or lighter colour on the page depending on the effect you want.

9.  Find an object at home you can print with.  I have used an old car part. Brush on paint and stamp onto the page.

10.  Use a pre made stamp in a darker colour to add more texture.

11. Add more texture with sequin waste or bubble wrap 

12.  Use an old cork to print with

13.  Take the original stencil and place onto the page.  Use a contrasting colour to make the stencil stand out.I have used white on this page.

14.  Use a white pen to add detail to the stencil and to define any lines you would like and voilà you have a finished page.


  1. Love the depth the layering gives. I would have had no idea how many different techniques you used in the making of it though.

  2. I love it too. It is a bit of a process but it so much fun


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