Saturday 27 July 2013

Photography this week: Winter

Winter can be difficult to take photos. It can be hard getting enough light especially indoors.  We live in an area where we get  lot of fog too, which also adds to the difficulty of getting enough light.

A few tips that help me to get better photos in winter light conditions

  1. Try and use a tripod so that if the light is really low the shot can be kept still
  2. Look for as much natural light as possible.  I try and take all inside photos next to a window or in brighter rooms
  3. Practice using manual settings to create more light without using the flash
  4. Turn on lights in a room during the day to create more light 
  5. Use a white piece of card angled in the direction of the light to reflect more light into the room

Light from a window. See how it reflects on to his face to create a focal point

The light is from the window again.  He is closer to the light source

I have used the window to get light into his eyes to make the eyes the focal point.  


The light source in this room was from 2 points, the window behind her and to the side.

These are the best photos I can get from her at the moment.............The age!!

These were taken through the window.  The light hit the side of the rose hip 

A few moments later the light changed and the rose hip became less defined changing the photo.

Try and look at the light source before you take photos in low light conditions.  With a bit of simple creativity you can capture more light without any expense or challenging set up. 


  1. Note to self: must get a tripod.

    Sorry to hear about your friend, and it's always a timely reminder to make the most of now.

  2. Thank you. It was very sad she was only 39 years old and such a sweet wonderful person.


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