Saturday 20 July 2013

Photography this week


My son turned 12 this week.  It is a really special birthday for us.  It marks the passing of childhood into early teen years.  The moving of a child from the children's programme at church to the youth programme and for the boys when they receive the Aaronic priesthood. 

We had family down to celebrate with us.  To capture the day I took some photos with his dad and made him a birthday cake with 12 candles (of course!!)

Happy Birthday my boy


  1. Aww Catherine, you have captured some special expressions on both Phillip and Tims is a special age, but most importantly he is a special boy whose smile is much like yours full of genuine love and light...thankyou for bringing such a special presence into our ward. Waiata xox

  2. Thanks Waiata. It was a lovely day filled with much aroha.


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