Monday 8 July 2013

The kindness chronicles

When is the hardest time to be kind?  I find it really hard to be kind when I am tired or when I have had some experiences that have left a sour taste in my mouth or when I am just feeling plain blah! It is always so much harder for me to be kind when I am not feeling so great myself.  

But I have found out something very interesting when I am at my lowest and it just feels too hard to go and help someone else.  When I put myself aside and go and do something nice suddenly I feel better, more energised and I get a more positive attitude.  

Kindness is contagious.

Years ago I participated in a snowball service activity.  One person was given the task to go and serve someone 3 people.  Then when they had completed their 3 acts of service they had to go and put 3 snowflakes on the snowball on the notice board.  The next three people then went and served 3 people and put their 3 snowflakes on the snowball and so on and so on until the snowball was huge and each person in the group had been served numerous times.  

The outcome, beside a massive snowball that just kept growing,  was a sense of unity, love and friendship between the group and a feeling of peace in each person.  

Being kind is one of the best things for our health  and for our soul

Be kind today !!

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