Tuesday 9 July 2013

Making foam stamps

I love making stamps.  There is something so satisfying about printing with my own designs.  There are many ways to make stamps.  I often make them from erasers but today I decided to try children's foam.  It is a very cheap product that is easily found at craft stores or dollar stores in NZ.

How to make them

What you will need
  • A sharp knife or pair of scissors
  • Craft foam
  • Glue
  • Heavy card
  • paint or ink

1. Cut out the foam to the size you need with a pair of sharp scissors or a knife.  Cut a piece of heavy card the same size

2.Using a end of a fine paintbrush draw into the foam your design. Glue the foam to the card.

3. Put ink on the stamp or using a stencil brush load it with paint.  Then print on your project

This is another design I did with the same method. 

Another way to make a stamp is to cut out a simple shape

1. with a knife cut out a shape

2.  place the shapes you have cut out on to card and glue down.

3. Use the negative image left behind to make another stamp.  Then print with it with paint or ink

Some more designs

The ideas are endless for designs.  You are really only limited by the size of the foam and your imagination.


  1. I've had lots of fun with craft foam stamps too, but only cutting out shapes. I'd never thought about drawing into the foam with some sort of implement. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Aren't they great to do. Have fun drawing into the foam :)


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