Friday 25 May 2012

Quilting in a series

I am thoroughly enjoying the working in a series class I am taking online with Elizabeth Barton.     It is challenging,  exciting and is stretching me way out of my comfort zone.  Quilt university courses are very well run and are a great way to take a class without leaving the comfort of your own home. they cater for a variety of levels of quilter and interests. 

This course is aimed at advanced quilters.  The course takes the student through the process of designing and creating a series of work related to each other.

I have decided to work with the theme of relationships between mothers and their children  Families are important to me.  I am saddened each day by the atrocities committed against our innocent children and mothers.  I am saddened by the break down of families in our society and I want to make a difference through my art work to positively portray relationships in families. 

I am going to explore layers both figuratively and literally and the connections between the mother and child. 

I have a lot of  'leftovers' from many projects.  I chose some quilted scraps to work with from quite a few different projects.  I wanted to see if I could get all the different colours to work together,  I wanted to see how quilted surfaces stitched together and how layers combined create different designs.

First I cut the quilted 'leftovers' into squares or rectangles.

Then I butted up edges of the bigger strips and satin stitches them together to create a background.

Then I placed squares and rectangles on top of the background

To finished off the rectangles with a blues satin stitch.

And a wee little series is born

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