Wednesday 2 May 2012

Sketchbook challenge

I don't know what it is about drawing that I find so therapeutic. It seems to help me disappear into a different world. An escape from the challenges and demands of life.

I can go into such a zone that I have to sometimes be spoken to a few times before I hear the person talking to me.  It is a cheap holiday or vacation.

I particularly enjoy patterns, of my culture and of others cultures.  There are so many wonderful designs that different cultures use.  I love how many motifs are repeated between cultures. It creates a common bond between everyone in our world.

Those commons bonds are become more important in our now global world.  We need to reach for peace, love and harmony.  We are fundamentally all the same.  We have hearts that beat,  hands that love and create and minds that think and feel.

Art helps me see the best in our cultures and creates harmony for me.

The pages I have created this week are all based on different cultural patterns. The tiki is from the Maori culture of NZ.  It is a pendant hat is often made from greenstone.  And it depicts the human form.

This doll is from ancient Egypt.  It is made from wood.  I love how similar patchwork quilt designs are to the patterning on this doll.

the ancient Egyptians used yellow, red, blue, green, white and black in their art work.  All pigments were made by different natural resources around them.

I created these pages using Inktense pencils and a black ink pen.

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  1. Both your comments and your sketches are beautiful. I think it is wonderful and important to embrace other cultures and recognize that though we sometimes see things differently, we are all part of the human race!


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