Thursday 10 May 2012

Working in a series

I am participating in a online workshop through quilt university.  It is entitled working in a series.  It is run by Elizabeth Barton who is a very experienced quilter.  This course helps its students to be able to develop ideas to work in a series of 6 or more quilts. 

Today I have gone through my own work to identify any repeated ideas that I have.  I was suprised to find quite a few. The most used idea for me is repeating the patterns I use.  I seem to go back to familiar shapes and designs.

I am finding it very interesting and quite demanding.  It is great to be challenged in my thinking and to be analytical in looking at my work and other artists work. 

Two artists that I have really enjoyed studying are Susan Carson and Melody Johnson.  Both are art quilters but that's really where their similarities lie.  They have very different styles.

Susan Carlson is found at She uses collage techniques with printed and dyed fabric to create to truly amazing quilts.  I really love how she can use printed fabric and creat such original works of art. 

Melody Johnson fuses all of her dyed fabrics to create abstract quilts that will truly inspire.  I love how she can place a variety of colours next to each other
and make them work. 

Please check out their wonderful work for yourself and see what I mean.  I am going to go and do some more work on finding my ideas for a series of work :)

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