Thursday 14 October 2010

life goes on

I've had such a hectic 8 days that my blogging has been slow in coming.  Sorry!!!  Let me fill you in on my happenings.

This time of the year in rural New Zealand is what we call Agricultural day.  Ours is this Saturday.  Children at our school raise an animal or do a agricultural themed project.  As we are dairy farmers we do calves.  Everyday for 12-16 weeks.  Daily the calf has to be feed (milk and meal) ,  walked around a special course and groomed. 

The children love it......the adults struggle through it.   This is the one time I come very close to bribing children. On top of this the school still send home daily homework,  wants indoor exhibit materials,  helpers to run the day, etc.   So I had very great planning when I scheduled a major children church event for this week.  (I need to check the calendar more .........)   So the last few weeks have been a little stressful and very time starved to say the least.   I have also noticed after being sick I am tiring very easily.

Well hope fully after Saturday I will be back on top of things and routines in our house will get back to normal.

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