Wednesday 6 October 2010

Photography-Recording information

Photography is an great way to record information.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words

I use photography to record objects of value that are hard to store  or have been damaged and can't be kept.  i.e.  memorabilia,  art of my children,  the broken wedding present etc.  This following photo is a record of very well worn scripture case.  It was falling to bits and stained and past being kept but I wanted a record of the case that I had made myself in my early teens and used everyday for so many years.  It was like saying goodbye to an old and faithful friend.

I also record important events like every child's first day at a new school.  I take the photos in the same spot to record the growth of each child.

It is a good way record creative work that I have completed.  Like cakes I have made for special people in my life.  Not only does this help recall information about a specific day but it keeps a catalogue of work in case I decide one day to become a full time cake decorator. 

It also helps me to record information for a future project.  I am still lucky enough to be able to use photography at our city's museum and because I have children with me when I make these trips it is the only way to quickly record information.  This following dress caught my eye for its beautiful embroidery.   It is a pattern I would like to develop for a piece of future work.

I doesn't need to be complicated just point and click.  I have been grateful to have recorded this information for my own personal records and interest.

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