Saturday 2 October 2010

My mother and child quilt

I have finished my mother and child quilt .  I have named it My wee one.  

I knew how I wanted the Mother and baby to be quilted on this piece but really struggled to come up with and idea for the skirt and background. 

I quilted lines around the mother and baby's face,  clothes and hands.  I quilted the wavy hair.

In the skirt I quilted flowers on all the red painted parts and then thought that was enough until it wouldn't all sit flat when I put the quilt together.  So I added circles around the flowers and put an arch filler in in between the circles.

I originally thought spirals would be great in the background but when I placed the design on the back it wasn't enough of a contrast.  So I tried a square geometric design which gave a wonderful contrast. 

I am thrilled with how this art work came out.  I think it really tells the story of the relationship between a mother and child.  Now for my next people quilt..........

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