Tuesday 26 October 2010

quilt challenge-52 cards in a year

Week 21

I have learnt how to make paper fabric .  A very interesting technique.  I love how this idea supports recycling and still comes out with awesome results.

2 artists that I love are Kelli Perkins  http://ephemeralalchemy.blogspot.com/ and Beryl Taylor  http://www.beryltaylor.com/index.php they use this technique in their work.  I learnt the techniques after viewing a workshop by Beryl and after reading Stitch alchemy by Kelli Perkins.  It involves layering scraps of paper and tissues on fabric and gluing them in place.  Then paint is added and further surface design can be added.  I then add stitch as the final layer.

This piece is a reflection of flowers and leaves.  The background is quilted in a leaf and frong patterns.  The flowers are made from air dry clay and then gold is rubbed on top.

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  1. The clay flowers add such a beautiful touch to this piece!


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