Tuesday 19 October 2010

Quilting folders

I have a file box that I have been filing all my articles,  inspirational pictures and other art work in.  Although this meant I have everything together in one place I find I am not using anything in the box.  It takes to long to find anything so I don't use it.

 I also have quite a few ring binders with notes and things in from my studies I did with City and Guilds in London.  These weren't working either as it was a hodgepodge of ideas and took a lot of sifting through.


While reading Lyric Kinard's new book Art+Quilt   http://www.lyrickinard.com/  I had a brain wave on how to sort all my creative filing out.  In her book she talks about making a sample file of design practice and quilting samples.  I thought I could do that  and add to that very easily.  She also has a  card design game to help get the creative juices flowing.  This got me thinking about how I could set up my filing system to support this idea.....hmmmmmmmmm  this possibilities.......

So I pulled out all my files and began to sort through them.  I found that a lot of stuff I had kept I didn't want any more.  I have put those in a folder and I will give these to the local guild or second hand shop.  The rest I have sorted into these categories  Subject/topic,  techniques/methods,  finished patterns,  drawings and collages,  notes ( taken from books or observations) and samples (of new experimentation or techniques).  I have made sub files inside some folders IE.  Subject-animals,  architecture,  cultural etc.


From this I am going to design 7 bags to pull out a slip of paper from. 
  1. Time to complete the top
  2. Time to complete the quilting
  3. Topic or subject
  4. Technique or method to explore
  5. Material to include in this sample IE coloured pencils, or crayons
  6. A principle of design IE unity,  proportion  (in Lyric's book Art+Quilt) http://www.lyrickinard.com/
  7. An element of art IE Colour,  line,  shape  (in Lyric's book Art+Quilt)   http://www.lyrickinard.com/
So when I start a experimental sample I can draw a piece of paper from all 7 bags or just a few as a beginning point for a piece of work.

Now all my files are easily assessable and usable.  I can now find it much easier to get information for experimental work and my research for new art work.

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  1. Wow! Sounds amazing. I have the files and notebooks just like you...and you are right....you never go in and use them! I'm interested to see how this new system works for you. Good luck!


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