Wednesday 4 December 2013

25 Creative presents

Well it has been a very busy week full of lots of secrets for Christmas.  I love this time of the year, the rustles of wrapping paper,  the giggles behind closed doors and the little whispers.

I love thinking of creative ideas for presents that make a difference in peoples lives. I especially love making kits for children and adults that encourage creativity.  The difference between a gift that promotes play and creativity is whether the object needs to have the recipient do something with it or whether the gift can just work on it's own.  Creativity doesn't happen with something that works on it's own.

So what can be given to others to promote creativity?  I have found so many ideas over the years I would like to share with you.  Many of the things can be bought at second hand shops,  use recycled products or can be bought cheaply at Dollar stores.

 A Wonderful Captain hook outfit made from a bit on an imagination and an old scarf(the hair), a coat hanger, foil, a belt, an old coat, my white shirt, and his own black pants and white socks,  We only purchased a pirate hat.

  1. Dress up kit-Choose a theme and find items of clothing and props that go with the theme. Ie Fairy princess: A long sparkly dress, wings, a tiara/crown, a wand, ballet style shoes and glitter.
  2. Cupcake kit-A tray, a couple of recipes on a laminated card,  a jar with ingredients in it, a variety of interesting toppings/sprinkles/chocolate drops, icing, a piping bag and 2-3 nozzles
  3. Art journalling kit-stamps, paper, a journal, an art pen, pencils, an eraser, some stencils, some textures things to print with or through with a stencil brush, stencil brush, paintbrushes, foam craft brushes, glue, collage materials,  a variety of drawing mediums I.E crayons and recyclable materials to print with. I.E cotton reels
  4. Messy play-slime, play dough, finger paint, clay, puff paint, water balloons, paint, a play recipe book, bubble mixture,buckets, spades, mud, corn flour gloop, an apron
  5. Art- pens, pencils, a variety of papers, crayons, dye, pastels, a variety of paint, paint brushes, easel, artist pallet, pallet knives
  6. paper planes- book with paper plane folding ideas, a variety of papers, paper clips, blue tack, stapler, Cello tape, scissors
  7. fort kit- ropes, old sheets, pulleys, pegs, torch, binoculars, string, clamps, 
  8. water play-trough, buckets, sieve, guttering, down pipes, hose of different thickness's and lengths, funnels, different sized jars and containers, a water wheel, 
  9. Clay- clay, clay tools, clay cutter, paddles for smoothing the clay, sponge and dish for water, natural objects to put in the clay i.e. shells, rocks, hay
  10. Quilt- a pattern, material to finish the quilt top, batting, backing, thread, scissors, a quick unpick, and some safety pins
  11. Sand- Buckets, spade, water wheel, sieve, moulds, cars/trucks, different thickness's of sticks, shells, rake, trowel
  12. Building a tree house kit-wood of different sizes, nails, screws, hammer, pliers, screwdriver, suggestions of  ideas to build a hut, old tyres,  rope, pulleys and old sheets
  13. Blocks- wooden ones are wonderful.  they are a great investment and last for years
  14. Lego- A creative pack is always the best starting set.
  15. Train sets- Timeless creativity.  We have 2 a push along and a Thomas the tank engine classic.  Both are well loved
  16. Dress up box- Handbags, scarves, old coats, dresses, a few shirts, pants and shoes.  throw in a couple of different style hats and the imagination can take you any where
  17. Dolls house- there are many on the market to choose from.  You could also re decorate an old one ans supply materials for the kids to make there own furniture.  
  18. Playmobil- One of the best role play toys on the market.  It is pricey but it is worth every penny.
  19. sewing machine-  A great way to start creativity
  20. cook books-  You could also add to the cook book an apron, chefs hat (for a child)  and cooking utensils.
  21. Books-  I think one of the best presents ever.  I always love to receive books. 
  22. Sewing patterns- include a pattern, the material, notions, threads and voilà something new is made.
  23. Gardening kits-Trowel, spade, fork, seeds, gardening gloves, soils, plant pots, and pop it all in a wheel barrow or garden cart.
  24. Jewellery kit-jewellery pliers and cutters,  wire, beads, findings, a bead mat, and instructions laminated on a card
  25. Hot chocolate kit- a jar of hot chocolate mix,  include the recipe on a card, a mug, a saucer, bag of marshmallows, chocolate chips, a teaspoon and cinnamon sticks.

Use a bit of imagination with put it all together a voilà a present that can be used  to get brains thinking and creating.

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