Friday 20 December 2013

Christmas creativity: December 20th

Every year our family celebrates the days leading up to Christmas by doing something special each day. This year we have decided to be

Be creative each day

The aim is to do something creative to give away or to help someone else's Christmas be brighter.

December 20th 2013

1.       Make a Christmas wreath and leave it on someone’s front door step or make 10-15 different size and shaped cut out snowflakes and stick to someone’s front door.

Wreaths to make with kids

Festive Christmas Wreaths to Make with Kids

Snowflake wreath

4 quick wreaths to make
DIY Easy Christmas Wreath

Some more wreaths

Snowflake ideas
28 Cute DIY Snowflake Ideas
Patterns for snowflakes
DIY Snowflake Paper Pattern DIY Snowflake Paper Pattern
Lots of great patterns

3D Snowflake

See what other designs you can create too!! 

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