Sunday 29 December 2013

Goal setting

As it is approaching the New year I have been thinking about what I want to achieve next year. I have so many ideas sometimes it is hard to narrow it down to the ones I need to do. But it is so important to be realistic in what I can achieve.  

Its a bit like climbing a mountain.  If my goal was to climb the mountain 10 ways, come down the mountain 10 ways, to take 10 pictures of the mountain from different angles and to try to get to the top of the mountain without touching the mountain on the way up or down in 2 weeks, I would be seriously overwhelmed.  Some of these goals would also be impossible so I have not only given myself to much to do at once but I have made myself fail before I've even begun.  Goals should be achievable and realistic.

Fine tuning our goals is so important because if we have too many or very difficult goals they tend not to be achieved. Too many goals become overwhelming. So my 'goal' is to write one to two goals per area of my life. Spiritual, physical, emotional, business, family and community. I need to make them achievable.  We can climb the mountain in one big step we do it one small step at a time.  Making a big goal is great but should only be a long term goal that we break down into smaller manageable steps.

Before the beginning of each year I write a list of specific suggested goals.  I then go through them and work out which ones are the priorities or the ones that give me the most fulfilment.  

My first goal for this year is to be creative everyday. 

I am so excited to do this.  I know when I am creative everyday I fell more fulfilled and more alive. Come join with me on my journey of creativity this year. xxx

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