Tuesday 10 December 2013

Making a quiltlet in a hour.

I love making wee little quiltlets so much.  My favourite part is that I can get it finished in one sitting. Especially if I cheat and iron the fabric dry when I have wet paint :)  They are a great way to experiment and try something new without worrying about a huge time commitment or massive expense.

Owl quiltlet

Time : Allow 1- 1 1/2 hours to complete

  1. Start by cutting out 2 pieces of white fabric 10 x 15 cm.  Paint one roughly in red paint.  I have added a wee bit of blue and purple to the red paint to add more depth to the base.  Cut out a piece of batting the same size. 

A close up of the colours in the painting

2.  First brush some metallic paint through some sequin waste and randomly paint on the cloth.  Then stencil an owl in white textile paint onto the bottom left corner.  

3. Using a tree stencil stencil randomly around the owl leaves

4.  Use 3 different tones of green.  One green and yellow mixed,  one black and green mixed, one green and white and a little black

Finished top when wet

5.  Blot the fabric with an old towel to remove excess paint.

6.  Iron dry.  Use a pressing sheet. Only use an iron directly on the fabric when you are certain it is completely dry.

Finished top.  The red background has come through slightly and made the white look more pink.

7.  Quilt around the owl in a pale pink thread.  Then quilt leaves around the owl in 3 different colours of green

8. Paint eyes with metallic bronze paint. Then stitch around the quilt edge with a running stitch or a zigzag stitch to finish it off.

9. Evaluate:  I am not sure I like the metallic eyes.  Tomorrow I may try putting another colour on top.  I love the different tones of green and   the depth it adds.  The composition is good. I think next time I will add some stamps on the background before adding the owl to add more interest.  Over all I quilt like this little quilt.

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