Saturday 14 December 2013

Christmas creativity: December 14th

                           Every year our family celebrates the days leading up to Christmas by doing something special each day.This year we have decided to be 

                                    Be creative each day

                                The aim is to do something creative to give away or to help someone 
                                                                    else's Christmas be brighter. 

December 14th 2013

  • Make 5 tree decorations and leave them in a strangers letter box (In NZ this is allowed although in other parts of the world you may have to leave it on a front door step and knock and run)

Tulle baubles

DIY Christmas tree decorations : Tulle baubles

Paper flowers

Christmas tree decoration idea with paper! #DIY

Button Christmas trees and 24 other Christmas ornament ideas

button Christmas tree ornaments

Felt baubles and 14 more ornament ideas

Name ornament and another 44 ideas for tree ornaments

Don't spend all your time finding ideas.  Just find one you have the equipment for and go for it.  It is all about being creative not perfect.

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