Friday 13 December 2013

A bit of creativity every day leading up to Christmas

Every year our family celebrates the days leading up to Christmas by doing something special each day.  One year it was Christmas readings and another year it was doing Christmas service and another year making and delivering secret presents.  This year we have decided to

Be creative each day

The aim is to do something creative to give away or to help someone else's Christmas be brighter.

Today's post will have the run down on each day and then I will do a more detailed post on each of the days all the way up to Christmas.

Some days will have more than one idea to choose from.  I will also include links to help start those creative juices flowing.

1.       Make a Christmas card and give it to someone who has helped you this year or make some Christmas cards and deliver them in person to a rest home or unit that house people with disabilities
2.       Make a 5 tree decorations and leave them in a strangers letter box (In NZ this is allowed although in other parts of the world you may have to leave it on a front door step and knock and run)
3.       Make a Christmas tree and hand it to a stranger in town
4.       Make a bird feeder and put it out in the garden for the birds or  make a homemade colouring books and buy crayons and leave in waiting rooms for families
5.       Make something useful from recyclable materials  and give to someone you love
6.       Paint/draw a picture and mount on card and make into a jigsaw for a friend or make a Christmas t-shirt from a plain coloured tee and textile paints

7.       Bake and make an edible Christmas tree or make some biscuits (cookies) and give them to the librarians in the local library
8.       Make a Christmas wreath and leave it on someone’s front door step or make 10-15 different size and shaped cut out snowflakes and stick to someone’s front door.
9.       Make a Christmas stocking and fill it with goodies and give to a person who has served you or helped  this year
10.   Make a nativity set or a Santa Claus to decorate yours or someone else’s home or make a flower/fruit  arrangement and give to someone in hospital
11.   Make a Christmas cake and ice it.  Give it to a person who is stressed and rushed this Christmas.
12.   Make a Christmas cushion for a child  or  make play dough or salt dough for a child

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