Thursday 9 January 2014

Making your space your own

Many people need to set goals at the beginning of the year.  I do set goals but I often have an urge to re organise everything. Yesterday I re organised the kids art area and my scrapbook area.  It is looking wonderful.  The boys have both been in there this morning making origami creations and they cleaned up after themselves. Miracles can happen :) You can read about my organisation below

I am really excited to have an area separate from my art studio to put all my photographs and family history.  I might actually complete a album this year. 

It is a neat and tidy space, but the space didn't really feel like it belonged to me.  It was bare and could have belonged to any one.  So how can a space be made to feel more personal?

First choose an couple of accent colours.  I chose medium brown and navy blue to go with my grey walls. Then find things you love that fit into that scheme that make you smile, inspire you and things you love.

Add a piece of art work that you love.  This piece I made a few years ago.  The colours worked perfectly and the subject really inspire me.  I love baskets so a basket for my latest project was perfect.

Add a few candles.  Candles always make a room feel more inviting and warm.  Even if they are unlit.  Display objects in groups of 3,5,7 and they will be nicely balanced. 

Chose candles of 3 different heights for interest.

Hang up a quote that inspires you.  I have printed off a quote that I will change regularly to keep it fresh and new.

Add something to hang finished projects on or an area to work out layouts.  I have chosen 2 woven mats to attach photos and layouts on.

Photographs make a lovely addition to a room.  I can change the picture each week with this lovely mini photo album.  

Another inspirational quote.  This particular piece is made by my sister,  It even glows in the dark.

Just a few special objects can make a space really feel special.  You don't have to spend a lot of money to make an area look nice.

The next job is to set up my husbands office out in the garage where my studio is.  Then the studio will need fully reorganising to accommodate the work office.  Watch this space for more progress in the next couple of days .


  1. I think your new space is great! I've been sorting out my 'Memory Box' and trying to find room for all the stuff I can't part with but can't find room for! I need a space like yours!!

    1. I am so lucky to have this space. How many homes house a 'coffice' LOL (too big for a cupboard and too small for a office) In the past everything was stored in a bookshelf and that worked well for quite a while.


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