Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Post Christmas organisation

We have had such a wonderful week away.  The weather was wonderful.  It rained only twice which was such a wonderful blessing.  We stayed in a real NZ Bach in Kawhia, NZ.  It was tongue and groove cottage and it was really quaint and cute.  There was no TV which also was so wonderful.  We Kayaked, swam, went on walks and even found some natural hot pools to soak in.

I have come back so refreshed and revitalised.  It was just what I needed to get the creativity flowing again.  I have started by coming home and sorted out the children's art room.  Their wee room was in a room we lovingly call the 'coffice'.  It is too big for a cupboard and too small for a office.  It wasn't working very well and kept being left in a large mess.  This was becoming particularly difficult for me as I also have all my scrapbooking and card making supplies in there too.  

This room just wasn't working.

My husband had decided to relocate his office from a computer cupboard to our garage.  So I decided to move all the children's art equipment to his the computer cupboard in the family area and to leave all my supplies in the 'coffice'.

It is a perfect size.  We found this great cupboard on a second hand site in NZ for $27. 

After a bit of work and some new containers we have a brand new space to use

We just need to get a new computer screen.  Ours blew up in a storm a few weeks ago thankfully the computer hard drive was fine.

These baskets were Christmas stock that had green liners in them.  I took the green liners out so they didn't look chrismassy.  $3 each 75% off the original price :) not a a bad find.

The children are really excited to start using their new space.  I really feel it is so good to be able to have a space for them all of their own.  No matter what the size area, children need to be able to have a place to create and play with different mediums from an early age.  Play really helps children's brains to develop and also helps them to learn at school better. It's going to be exciting to see how the 2 boys use this space.

My newly organised scrapbook/family history and paper craft room.  I organised a little differently today.  I took everything out of the room and then took back into the room what I wanted in the space.  This worked so well.  I could see the space more clearly.  I also didn't feel so overwhelmed as I often do.

Shelving for the albums,  books and embellishments.  

Paper storage on an old T.V stand.  I can even wheel it out if I need it elsewhere.

The view from the window.

It feels so good to have the areas separate and easier to use. I now just need to give it a personal touch of a few pretty trimmings to make it my own space.  I'll post up some photos tomorrow.   

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