Thursday 23 January 2014

Studio makeover: Art journalbook box

Art Journal book box

A beautiful storage container to make for art journals or sketchbooks

Materials needed
  • 1 box that fits and A4 book in it, from the supermarket/grocery store.  Wine boxes are great
  • Spray paint, house paint or a good acrylic paint for the base coat
  • Paint -3 colours and white
  • a selection of stencils and stamps
  • Paintbrushes: Stencil brushes and a flat brush
  • Braid to go around the top of the box
  • Glue gun and a glue stick


1. Find a box

2. Cut off the flaps on the box with a craft knife

3.  Cut all the way around the top

4. Choose a colour for the base coat of the box.  This can be spray paint, old house paint or a good quality acrylic.

5. If are using a spray paint place box in a larger cardboard box or in an area with 3 wall protected from the spray drift. N.B. Remember to wear a mask. If you are using paint you will only need to protect the area under the box. 

6.  Put on the first coat following the direction on the can on applications and drying times

7.  Put on the second and third coat after the first coat is dry

8.  Remember to paint the inside of the box too

9. Choose 3 colours of paint plus white for the decorations of the box

10.  Paint one colour plus white onto large bubble wrap or another larger surface texture maker and print onto each side of the box.

Printed box

11. Take a little of the other 2 colours and white and paint onto a smaller bubble wrap and print onto each side of the box.

12.  Choose one of the colours you have chosen plus white and using a stencil brush paint through sequin waste onto each side of the box.

13.  Stamp a large stamp on each side of the box.  Remember to stamp half of the stamp on one side of the box and continue the stamp on the next side

14.  next stamp a smaller stamp over each side of the box in a mix of all three paint colours.

15.  Add texture with a string roller.  A very simple and effective stamp made by wrapping string around a small cylinder container.  More texture can be added to the box if you want to.  Let the whole box dry thoroughly.  This in the base layer finished.

16.  Choose a stamp to use as a border along the top edge of the box and another stamp to use along the bottom edge.  Make the paint a deeper shade and stamp along the top edge.  To make sure the stamps are even stamp the far left and far right stamps first then evenly space the stamps out in between.

17.  Do the same for the bottom edge

18.  Add some metallic paint.  I love metallic paint. The shine adds great depth to the project and lots of interest.

19.  Place a stencil in the middle of each side of the box and using a stencil brush paint through the stencil.  I have used gold and bronze to an extra dimension to the box.

20.  Add a bit of gold to the border stamping.  I have done this by over stamping the gold with the same stamp.

21.  Add a little gold braiding around the top edge of the box using a glue gun.

The finished box.  Not only does it look lovely but is is a great way to store all those art journal or sketchbook.

It could be also used to store old magazines in or used a box for a gift or present.

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