Friday 17 January 2014

Rest In Peace my wee Kara

Today I lost my beautiful wee dog Kara.  She was 15 1/2 years old , which is an excellent age for a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, but I am sure going to miss her.  She was a delightful companion and a lovely friend who gave so much unconditional love.  I thought it would get easier the older I got and the more animals that have passed on in my family , but it doesn't,  

She would sit at my feet when I was quilting and sometimes right on my toes which made quilting so much fun :)  She loved lying over my quilts if she could get a chance.  She usually managed it when she had been rolling in mud or in the swamp, little rat bag.  My husband an his brother called her fluffy ears, which was so appropriated for her because when she ran her ears would rise up and down and look even more fluffy than they are here.  She was such a character and a cutie.

I'm grateful for animals,  they really add so much richness into my life.  

Farewell Kara my wee friend

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  1. So sorry :( Our oldest dog is getting pretty long in the tooth and deafness and blindness are encroaching. I watcher her while we were camping this Christmas and wondered if she would be here next Christmas...
    PS - your new profile pic is lovely!


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