Thursday 16 January 2014

Studio makeover: Mini pincushion

Today is my first post on making cheap and easy things
to make studios easier to manage,  more fun to play in,  
look better, and along the way to exercise our creative muscles regularly. 

I am going to kick of the year with a fun little project for the studio or travelling

A matchbox pin cushion and needle/pin container

This wee pincushion is made from a matchbox and scraps of fabric and paper.  It is so cute and practical to throw in you sewing bag or handbag as a mini sewing kit.

Tools needed

One matchbox.  It doesn't matter what size.  I have used a small one but any size will do.

  1. Paper to cover the matchbox
  2. A scrap of material the coordinates with the paper
  3. A small piece of braiding to coordinate with the paper and material.
  4. A little stuffing
  5. A reel of thread that matches the fabric
  6. A needle
  7. A glue paintbrush
  8. A white glue called P.V.A in NZ or Elmers in the U.S.A
  9. A pencil
  10. Scissors
  11. A glue gun


Take the little 'drawer' out of the box. Place the outside part of the matchbox on the edge of the paper and using a pencil draw a line using the edge of the box. Move the matchbox along until there is enough paper to cover the box all the way around and little more. 

Cut the rectangle/oblong out

Paper and matchbox

Glue the outside of the box

Place the paper on the box and fold around the box until it is attached.

Fold the little extra flap over and glue to the box.

This is the outside of the box done.

Take the inside of the matchbox and draw around the bottom of the box onto 
the wrong side of the paper.

Mark around the end, of the little drawer, onto the paper leaving a little extra paper around the markings.

Cut 1 cm wider than the pencil lines that have been drawn.

Fold along each line

Until it looks like this

Cut along the fold above to where the folds meet

Fold along lines at each end

Snip the corner off each side

Glue the little drawer

Place the little drawer on the wrong side of the paper.  Press the into the glue.

Snip off the extra corner of the paper then fold up onto the inside box until the paper is all attached to the little drawer. Fold the flap into the box and glue.

The finished little drawer

Sip the little drawer into the the first box that was covered.

The finished box with the 'drawer' open

Measure a piece of material, for the pincushion,
 that is twice the size of the top of the box both length and width.

Piece of fabric for the top.

Make a large running stitch around the edge of the material.  Pull up the threads until a little pouch is formed. Leave space for the stuffing to be put in.

Put the stuffing in.  When there is enough stuffing pull up the threads tight and sew off. 

Using a glue gun, glue the top of the box. Place the material pincushion on the box pressing firmly until the glue has cooled.

Cut a piece of braiding to fit around the bottom of the pincushion and attach with a glue gun.  

Add a small shell, rock, bead, button etc to cover the joins of the braiding.

a beautiful finished matchbox pincushion to utilize at home or while travelling.

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